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Skill Assessment:
• Generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test of your skills before taking a course. The pre-test identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to take only the units you haven’t mastered.
• Allows testing at any time and is available from within each course.
• Tracks your scores by unit. Initial, current, and best scores are tracked. Scores are available to view on screen or for administrators to print immediately.
• Provides a post-test. You'll know how well you've mastered the material once this test is completed.
• Allows any course to be taken and your best score to be compared with the Mastery Level Score.
Experience the convenience of online computer training (e-Learning). Self-Study courses you can take from home.

• Challenge you with a variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
• Provide constructive feedback for both correct and incorrect responses.

• Use the free Macromedia Flash Player plug-in, enabling you to run the existing optional simulations found in the courses.
• Are multiple-step, with realistic screen representations, so you can see how the application really works.
• Include hints and step-by-step instructions to assist you through the simulation.
• May be replayed multiple times for a better understanding of the illustrated concepts.
• Animated procedural simulations created with Flash provide an interactive, structured walk-through of a series of steps.

• Give you valuable hands-on experience.
• Can be combined with the supplied sample files, allowing your new skills to be tested by completing an exercise within the actual application.
• Include pre-bundled sample applets to run in Visual Basic (for our Visual Basic courses).

Flash and Audio:
• Provide animated, interactive Lesson Introductions, Activities, and Simulations.
• Supply an aural feedback mechanism when questions are answered correctly.
• Present new concepts in Lesson Introductions.

Supplied Sample Files:
• Include sample documents, application files, programs, and programming code.
• Can be copied into a document or compiler, enabling you to practice with these files and save time by using them in a document or program of your own.
• Allow code analysis and provide sample output, enhancing your learning experience.

Course Topics and Master Topics:
• Provide a quick reference tool allowing each course to remain useful to you. Each item in the Course Topics list is an active hyperlink, permitting quick access to specific topics.
• Permits quick access to the tables of content and indexes for the entire course library. This makes it easy to locate specific information to study or reference.
• Complement the course glossary, a great reference for definitions of unfamiliar terms.

• Allows you to research a topic of interest in any or all of the courses you can access
• Enables you to rapidly search all text, including text within coding examples, to easily retrieve the information you require.
• Allows you to expand your search to include looking for synonyms.
• Includes stemming technology that automatically includes related variations of your search term in the search tool.

• Allows a learner to select a word or phrase in the course content and perform one of four searches. (1) Search the Glossary; (2) Search this Course; (3) Search the Web; and (4) Dictionary.

• Allows vision-impaired students to use a text reader program to read the text-only version of a course.
• Enables students to access the various course features by using command keys to navigate, search the glossary, answer course questions, and more.
• Fully compatible with JAWS 3.7 and 4.5.
• Complies with all Federal 508 regulations and W3C’c WCAG guidelines.

Global Bookmarking:
• Tracks your progress in a course. The next time you access the course, you will return to the same location within the course. You don’t need to remember either where you stopped or how to return to where you stopped.

My Preferences:
• Allow you to modify the course environment to your personal preferences, including permitting you to change text size or graphical themes, and turn certain multimedia lesson components on and off.

Description of New Course Features:
• Provides a listing of what’s new in the courses from a link on the My Courses page.
• Presents features in a tabular format with the most recent product release listed first.

Course Completion Certificates:
• Allow a learner to choose and print a certificate when he or she has mastered a course. Completion certificates now indicate the estimated number of hours it takes to complete the course.

• No downloading of course files is required before, during, or after you take a course. This keeps your local hard drive free of unnecessary files.
• Each course page is a separate HTML file, making it easy on network bandwidth, and making it possible to navigate within a course one page at a time on demand.
• Small page size (average of only 16k) ensures fast response time through the Internet, intranets, and local area networks without negatively impacting production network performance.

Global Navigation:
• Provides you with the same easy-to-use and intuitive course presentation through a Web browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer).
• Provides ready access to key information, from a course glossary, to tips on using the courses, to technical support information. All of these are accessible using the Feature Tabs.
• Allows a student to navigate through a course, answer questions, and take the Skill Assessment using keyboard shortcuts.

Flexible Timing:
• Means courses are ready when you are - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Allows you to control the pace. Learn quickly or take your time.
• Allows you to focus on what you need. Skip what you know or don’t need, or take courses repeatedly. It’s your choice.

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Computer Training : E-Learning, Online Training, Computer Based Training, Practice Exams, Audio Training, Study Guides